Our Story

The gallery  in New Westminster was founded in 1996 by champion of the arts, Trudy Van Dop. 

 After years of running traditional gallery spaces, Van Dop made the move to challenge the austere environment art is often presented in by opening the doors of Canada’s only home-gallery. A converted heritage home where Trudy lives with her husband doubles as a unique showroom, transforming the viewing of art into an intimate experience and allowing clients to experience artwork as they would in their own homes – as a part of their everyday lives.

Exemplifying the Art of Living, the Van Dop Gallery bricks and mortar showroom has received multiple awards for its unique concept and emphasis on bringing contemporary art into a familiar, intimate setting.

Van Dop Gallery exhibits a curated multi-collection of contemporary artworks by Canadian artists in house and online with seasonal exhibitions happening throughout the year.

Trudy Van Dop

Art Consultant | Cultural Entrepreneur

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