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Framed Print

By: Roy Henry Vickers
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Price: $750

The bentwood box of the northwest coast has been the pallet for many artists over the centuries. Some of the most beautiful designs I have seen are on bent boxes. Much of my early work was inspired from hours of studying designs on bent boxes. I have learned to bend my own boxes and apply original designs to them. This work entitled Raven is an original design that will be painted on a box for my personal collection. The very obvious human face in the design is to signify that this is a crest design, the presence of the human indicates that the design is to be used by a chief or member of his family. I was born an Eagle among the Tsimsian of Kitkatla; however I carry the Raven crest from my adopted family in Skidegate and my family in Owikeeno. Painting and designing in the traditional style of my paternal ancestors is something that will always be part of my life and so I take pride in creating this design of Raven. Roy Henry Vickers June 2003

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