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Love It | Celebrating Love + Friendship

Love It | Celebrating Love + Friendship

Joanna Lovett Sterling
Exhibition on February 10, 2018


Joanna Lovett Sterling joins us in the gallery for the annual Heart to Heart exhibition, celebrating love and friendship with a curated selection of gifts and jewellery.

Joanna has been involved in jewellery making for most of my life. As my work progresses and evolves, I have become increasingly focused on the world around me. My pieces capture both my love of nature and of the materials I work with.

The soft-textured shapes are intended to be both universal and unique. My hope is that each one will be beautiful to look at, delightful to wear and will create personal connections with the wearer.

Committed to my craft all of my pieces are handmade locally using green practices including the use of a high percentage of re-claimed and re-refined silver and karat gold.

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For a viewing, please call 604.521.7887 or toll-free at 1.888.981.9886
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