Justin Rivard

Aboriginal Artist | Jewelry 

Justin was born and has lived his whole life on the west coast of British Columbia , his native ancestry is Cree and his father was actively involved in west coast native communities. Justin was 21 when he was introduced to Ray Dumont, a local native artist who introduced him to carving. His style is a combination of influences and fluctuates between west coast and plains styles. Each work offers its own unique quality, stories and history.

Native Sun Earrings by Justin Rivard
Sterling Silver Earrings with 14k Eagle
Double and Single Feather Earrings | Sterling Silver
SOLD | Gold Hoop Earrings | 14K Gold
Thunderbird Bangle Bracelet | Sterling Silver
Totem Beads
Sterling Silver Native Bracelet with 14 k Gold Star
Cufflinks Sterling Silver
Single Feathers
Oval Raven Pendant with Onyx Stone | Sterling Silver