April White


April was born on Haida Gwaii (commonly called the Queen Charlotte Islands ), off the north west coast of Canada’s British Columbia, just a short boat trip from Alaska. The First Nations people are known by their original name, the Haida.

April has dozens of relatives living in these islands, all practicing indigenous art–painting, sculpting, totem poles, carving masks using cedar bark and spruce root in weaving, jewelry making, steaming bentwood boxes and creating art out of the stone unique to the islands, Argillite. Early in her career, she honed her painting skill and refined her abilities while practicing geology, having graduated from the University of British Columbia.

When you think about it, being a geologist in the vast remoteness of Canada’s West is good experience for any artist. Combine this wilderness experience with a heritage rich in Native Americans’ culture, art, sculpture and music and through her father, a direct descendant of the world-renowned Haida artist, Charles Edenshaw, of the Eagle Clan.

She is also a relative of the late Bill Reid, the equally famous contemporary Haida sculptor, carver, printmaker and jewelry designer. She gives definition to Native American northwest coast art as she captures its landscapes and its indigenous peoples.

Creating art is everything for April—her life and inspiration. Take time and enjoy your visit with April and her art. Words can’t begin to describe her work. Just a glimpse of what she imagines, and the myths and legends of her people, live forever in her art.

April White is represented by the Van Dop Gallery

Killer Whale on SGang Gwaay Image Size 28 x 20 - Giclee on Paper - Matted & Framed - Print Size 28" x 20"
Western Ranger Image Size 20 x 26.75 Medium Print on Paper
View From T'aanuu 18 x 24" #17 / 100
SOLD - Emerging Frog - Matted & Framed
View From T'aanuu 18 x 24" #17 / 100 - 21" x 15"
Across the Heillen Print size 19.5" x 27.25"

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