Boris Kramer

Sculptor | Metal Artist

Boris Kramer was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1969. Through his father, he learned blacksmithing techniques by osmosis; at home, art and metal were part of daily life. In 1995, when he completed a degree in Fine Arts at McMaster University, he committed his artistic future to metal and joined his father at the forge. 
As his influences, he cites movements as diverse as racism and impressionism and states that, for him the forging process is the seeking of form in a balance that supports its own meaning. Although he shares, with his father, a fascination with human relationships, Boris has clearly developed his own distinct vision and his own unique style. 
Each sculpture is handforged using tools and methods of the modern and ancient blacksmith. Sculptures are available in steel, bronze and copper from 10″ high to 14″ high. Collectors of Kramer sculptures continually relay treasured anecdotes surrounding the memories that have been generated from receiving or giving a Kramer Sculpture; because they often relate to relationships around couples, friends, family, colleagues, mentors or a celebration of a milestone or memories surrounding cherished events, moments or emotions. 
Kramer Sculptures and Awards have made their way across the world because of the peaceful beauty and grace they carry with them. The extraordinary presence that these sculptures create has made them very popular gifts and awards. They are often given to award winners, or visiting dignitaries. 
Boris Kramer is represented by the Van Dop Gallery.

“I am a sculptor. I heat and hand forge metal until it gives form to the expressions of human energy as it engages and relates. When heated, metal is extremely forgiving, that’s why I choose the medium. Through it, I explore the forces that draw us together and that separate us from ourselves and each other. Having experienced both great tragedy and joy in my own life, I want my art to sustain relevant and meaningful encounters.”


Joyous Dancers
Three Graces
Family with Newborn in Steel
Father and Child
Dancing with 3 Children
family with 4 children
Good Company
Triumph - Carpe Diem
Mother and Newborn
Copper Partners
Quiet Encounter
Dancing Family with 4 children
Dancing Family with 2 children
Elegant Dancers
Family with 2 Children

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