Carole Arnston

Carole Arnston is a West Coast artist with a multi-faceted background in art, architecture and design.

Born in Toronto, Arnston pursued an education in the humanities and graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. After travel and a year in Art Education at the University of British Columbia, she pursued a career in Architecture and graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of British Columbia in 1982. Architecture, and in particular conceptual design and design development, absorbed her energies for ten years, and she worked as a registered Architect in prominent Vancouver and Toronto firms.

After a Bachelor of Arts degree and a ten-year career as a registered architect, Carole turned to painting full-time. Her empathy with the powerful messages of the landscape takes form in a dynamically-charged gestural style. Dramatic images of wind, sea and alpine meadows are rendered with a broad brush, subtle colour blending and painting knives. They invite the viewer to look closer.

In the past fifteen years of painting, Carole’s bold and energetic style has developed from the abstract impressionist influences of Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell and Georgia O’Keefe, and the earlier influences of Manet and Monet. The joy of exploring the natural world inspires all her work. Carole’s studio is set among tall cedar trees and overlooks the ocean in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the early 90’s Arnston became active in visual literacy and Design education, and was awarded by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia for her work in Architecture for Kids. She authored and piloted courses for students in both elementary and secondary schools, and in teacher education in the field of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.

Arnston’s visual understanding of our physical world is influenced greatly by her architectural background. Her still-life paintings take on the messages of landscape; they are shaped by a fluid, wind-like spontaneous style. Paint is applied in a broad brush approach with subtle colour blending, and is exquisitely sculpted with the palate knife. Works range from the Fall-Line Series of vertical format snow-and-cliff, to the more current Planter Box Series dark florals, and the Aqua Series of water views. The joy of exploring the natural world has inspired these pieces.

Arnston has exhibited throughout North America and her work is held in numerous private and corporate collections. Carole Arnston is represented by the Van Dop Gallery.

Sea Foam in the Underwater Garden | Oil on Canvas
Wild in the Wind Two |
Levitation 2 | 20 x 20 | Oil on Canvas SOLD
White Wedding II | Oil on Canvas 12 x 12”
Winter Flight Two 40 x 40 " SOLD
Blue Abstract 36" X 48"
Uninhibited Blue SOLD
Winter Flight III
Red Bouquet 1 | 24 x 24 | Oil on Canvas
Smoke in the Garden 2 | 36 x 72 | Oil on Canvas
White Wedding I | Oil on Canvas
Green Vase Two | 40 x 40 SOLD
Pink Peek Wildly Series | 46 x 46 SOLD
Cliff Launch Scattered Red | 40 x 40 SOLD
Red Abandoned SOLD