Colette Tan

Vancouver-based artist Colette Tan is an ethereal abstract artist. A former private banker, business owner as well as a cancer survivor, she returned into her calling as an artist in late 2020. Colette seeks to paint from the fourth dimension as well as from the depths of her being. She aims to restore the mortal soul through the beauty of her art and believes that the life within the paintings will do just the job with the accompanying atmospheric element, whereby a direct divine influence would exert deeply unto the spirits of men.

Colette has an unrestricted and organic approach in her painting style as she believes her artwork should be the unique expression of every stage of her life, thereby telling a story. She often flows with what inspires her the most at each point in the process of her creative practice. Each of her artwork expresses itself spontaneously in different forms. Some are with layers, contrasting fine with broad brushstrokes, while others with thick and fluid paint and the list goes on. Some of her paintings reflect harsh depictions of human problems, yet they also include an indescribable beauty.

Alpine Lake 10 " x 10"
Mountain High 8" x 24"
Window of Hope 18" in Diameter
Beauty Mountain 10 " x 10"
Frost 8" x 8"