Building your Collection

If you are new to collecting, start by exploring galleries and learning about certain mediums that pique your interest. If you are a seasoned collector you’ll keep following your passion for a particular medium or artist. In either case, we hope these Art of Collecting tips help you along the way.


Art is to be enjoyed for generations.

Art and craft enhance our lives, bringing peace and enjoyment, whether it is in our home or our work environment. Collecting is an investment in your life and the generations to come. Approach your collection with this in mind.​

Look for clues around you.

What items make you laugh, cause you to reflect, or have provided you with life-long pleasure? These are great signposts for selecting your next piece.

Be a lifelong collector.

Whether it has been an intentional process or something you have never paid much attention to, you have been building your personal collection all your life.

Just have to have it?

When you personally connect with a piece of art, think about taking it home. Having it in your own space is an entirely different experience than looking at it in a gallery. (Most galleries have a lending policy.) Once you have it in the perfect place you’ll know for sure that you want to treasure it forever.

Collect in Series

Artists often create series of work but rarely are pieces identical. When you buy a piece of art you love, ask the gallery to contact you when they receive new work from this artist. You’ll be the first to know when new items arrive and can have your pick of the artist’s inspiring new creations.​

What's your Collecting Style?

Things that you love and display around your home each feature your signature taste and style. For a clean, minimal environment, a series of small abstract pieces in muted tones work well. If you've got a more eclectic style, go for a bold pop with a large, brightly coloured piece.

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