Damaris Oakley

Glass Artist

I have been fascinated with beading, jewellery making and putting it together since I was a teenager when I produced and sold my jewellery creations at the local market. My obsession evolved to torching my own glass beads and using them as inspiration for my jewellery designs. This glass obsession continued with kiln formed artglass and the production of functional, artful and sculptural glass pieces. 

I am primarily self taught and spend many hours exploring and practicing new torching techniques, developing new fusing designs and discovering new colour reactions with this fascinating art form. I have participated in many professional development courses including art education classes from Red Deer College and the Glass Hive on the Oregon Coast. Subsequently, I am absolutely addicted to working with molten glass. 

My inspiration comes from the west coast landscape, specifically, the ocean at low tide, bright and vibrant flowers in the spring, and the contrasting and changing colours of the fall season. These elements present endless stimulation to explore colour and shape, and presents visual elements and interesting contrasts that I incorporate in my work. In addition, my BA degree in history/art history has provided me with a vast understanding of art movements, forms and styles through the ages, which also influence my work. 

As an artist, I feel that glass as an artistic medium allows me to capture dimension in a flat space, and create illusions of texture with colour and light. 

My work is available for sale in many galleries on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. I work and create adorning art jewellery and decorative functional kiln formed artglass in my home studio in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Square Plate
Square Plate

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