Doug Dorsett


Ranked as a top photographer in the world  by the Guardian newspaper, local phenomenon Doug Dorsett shows that sometimes the untrained eye sees more clearly. his work bursts with the hallmarks of all good art: humanity, humility, and originality. He is comfortable in mediums both sublime and serene. city and nature feature equally in his work But perhaps it is the generosity with which he portrays people for which he is most recognized. With his painterly style, he illuminates the human condition in our contacts with friends, lovers, family, and sometimes, alone. Doug’s work is featured prominently on Instagram where he has 43,000 followers. He understands that this medium lets him reach people in the farthest corners of the world, bringing us together in ways he never imagined when he picked up his camera and, with the encouragement of his loved ones, set the internet on fire…get in on the conversation.

Instagram: @akaalec

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