Elaine Brewer White

Ceramic Artist

Born: 1961, Saskatoon, SK Studied: Emily Carr College of Art & Design (Honours Program) BC ceramic sculptor Brewer-White joyfully promotes creativity and the act of art making with her provocative personifications of real and imaginary people: always imbuing each sculpture with a dignity and quiet or outspoken sense of humour. Her work has been widely exhibited across North America and featured in a number of corporate collections and public art installations. Elaine’s current independent work is based on the figure, where moments of solitude of simple interactions between people celebrate the wonder of the human condition. This work seeks to further explore social behavior and life-affirming activities through the use of humour and irony. Elaine spent ten years performing with the Calgary and Vancouver Theatre sports Leagues, where she developed her attitudes towards creative thinking and the narrative. She is married to physic comedian Gordon White and shares in the raising of their two beautiful-charming-intelligent children in an exceedingly normal-vinyl-sided-mini-malled suburb of Langley, BC Currently, Elaine reports finding and un-ending source of material in her day-to-day life‚ Art as therapy? hmmm …

Elaine Brewer-White has been working as a clay figurative sculptor for over 25 years. Her work has been collected worldwide. Her subjects range from Einstein to everyman as she seeks to capture the undeniable joy of living in each piece

"Unlike her sister, Penny had few maternal instincts" | 12x11x4 | Clay, Acrylics & Enamels
denise | ceramic

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