Emily Cooper

Photographer + Painter

Emily Cooper began her photography career at sixteen with her first newspaper publication for the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre. Her official education began at Sheridan where she received an award for being the top student in her graduating year. Following graduation, Emily spent time in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she participated in intensive courses under Seattle artist David Julian and New York celebrity photographer Andrew Eccles. Since then, Emily’s art has since been published in the Applied Arts magazine, The National Post, The Vancouver Courier, The Toronto Star, and has received the Communication Arts Award. Her work includes 15 covers for The Georgia Straight, photo illustrations for The Shaw Festival brochures, book covers for Harper Collins, editorial illustrations for The Boston Globe, and she is currently working on a project with the National Film Board. A selection of Emily’s work can be found at the Dr Vigari Gallery in Vancouver.

Artist Statement Since the beginning, I have always been drawn into my surreal and abstract imagination, constantly inventing visual stories. My work addresses themes of creation and change, asking many personal questions. I open windows into my imagination, searching for where my creativity emerges from, and examine it’s ever changing nature. My images are taken from various travels and from my collection of vintage photographs. They are combined to create a journey into the surreal, where everything is possible. This world, where imagination melts into reality, is where I long to live.

Egg Thoughts | 16 x 20" | Photo Illustration
The Developing Idea | 24.5 " x 24.5" | Photo Illustration
Climbing into my Imagination | 16 x 20" | Photo Illustration