Fred Sharp

Visual Philosophy

Art washes away from the soul the dust of life.
Pablo Picasso

Fred cannot remember a time when he did not paint, draw or think about art, thanks to his mother who put a paintbrush in his hand before he could write. He has studied art in diverse forms at various venues over the years, most notably at Stanford University in the early 1970’s. He is also a humorist and illustrator, with three books and a line of greeting cards to his credit.

Having an artist for a mother and an industrialist father, he has lived the conflict of the pen and brush. For most of his life he has been fortunate to be his own sponsor, as he practised law and then investment banking. Due to this divergent background in philosophy, law and investment banking, his art evokes thought and humour; hence he prefers to call it visual philosophy.

For many art is a lifelong passion, and Fred includes himself in their company. Sir Winston Churchill, famous as a statesman but who also painted his whole life, summed up the essence of art for him: Armed with a paint-box, one cannot be bored. Those words hold particular relevance today. In 1973, Fred recorded his philosophy of art with these words: An artist’s work is a constant challenge to him, a chance to keep his consciousness alive. Art explains nothing, proves nothing. The artist simply portrays concrete images that testify to the reality of a universe whose mystery remains intact.Fred says Churchill was more concise.

His paintings can be found in private collections in North America.

Fred Sharp is represented by the Van Dop Gallery.

Onward 2020 24x30
Pancake Journey 2020 24x30
Pancake Islands 2020 24x30
Pursuit 2020 18x24
Yellow Balloon 24x30
Tightroper 16x20
Floating 2020 16x20
Flight 24x30
Escape 24x30
Ambition 2020 16x20
Never Alone 2020 16x20
The Gap 2020 20x24
Choices 30x30
Clouds 24x30

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