Gillian Lindsay


In 1997 I made the transition from film producer to photographer. My early work sought a unique response to nature and architectural form through hand-cut photographic collage. 

I moved into the realm of abstraction, producing work that is more about texture, colour, composition and less about representational subject matter. In my ’Surfaces’ collection, I explore with my camera in salvage, train or shipyards – anywhere I can shoot rusted metal or weathered and painted wood. I find a fascination in documenting man-made materials’ never-ending attempt to return to nature.

Urban splashes of paint, graffiti or poster remnants create opportunities for compositions, which exist for a brief moment in time before being painted over or scraped away. I employ close cropping to remove any contextual reference, with the objective of creating a painterly, abstract image.
I continue to explore my passion for black and white photography, with a special focus on my ‘Light Imitating Art’ series.

Light Imitating Art

I am drawn to surrealism; images borne out of dreams and the creative subconscious. I experiment with altered light sources, as well as camera motion and double exposure. The ‘Light Imitating Art’ series is shot in studio, utilizing either smooth or textured surfaces, contributing a further subtle element of mystery. In this exciting exploration of random abstraction, a figure or a suggestion of a slightly definable object sometimes emerges.
I am often asked: what am I looking at? … the answer is simply, light.

"Light Touch"
"Burning Man"
"Light Flow"
"Root Chakra"