Gillian Lindsay


In 1997 I made the transition from film producer to photographer. My early work sought a unique response to nature and architecture through hand-cut photographic collage. 

I moved into the realm of abstraction, through my ’Surfaces’ collections, exploring industrial sites with rusted metal, weathered and painted wood. I find a fascination in documenting man-made materials’ never-ending attempt to return to nature.

Several trips to Europe exposed ancient urban walls with splashes of paint, graffiti or poster remnants, creating opportunities for abstractions, existing for ephemeral moments in time before being removed.

I continue to explore my passion for black and white photography, with a special focus on my unique ‘Light Imitating Art’ series.

My recent series ‘Colour Fields’ evolved from macro photography derived from nature.  Camera motion with cropping removes contextual references, creating painterly layered abstractions resembling land and seascapes.

Light Imitating Art

I am drawn to surrealism; images borne out of dreams and the creative subconscious. I experiment with altered light sources, as well as camera motion and double exposure. The ‘Light Imitating Art’ series is shot in studio, utilizing either smooth or textured surfaces, contributing a further subtle element of mystery. In this exciting exploration of random abstraction, a figure or a suggestion of a slightly definable object sometimes emerges.
I am often asked: what am I looking at? … the answer is simply, light.

"Beyond The Pale'
'The Sond of Silence'
'When Doves Cry'