Gillian Linsday


In 1997 I made the transition from film producer to photographer. My early work sought a unique response to nature and architectural form through hand-cut photographic collage. 
Recently I have moved into the realm of abstraction, producing work that is more about texture, colour and composition and less about representational subject matter. Most often I explore with my camera in salvage, train or shipyards – anywhere I can shoot rusted metal or weathered and painted wood. There is a fascination I find in documenting man-made materials, where once constructed, will spend the rest of their lives attempting a return to nature.

I focus in very close to a subject and photograph only the surface, removed from any contextual reference, with the objective of creating a painterly, abstract effect. 
Hand-cut photographic collage is resurfacing in my latest work, utilizing my images of abstract textural surfaces and experimentation with mixed media. 
I continue to explore my passion for black and white photography.

Three Rustkateers | 600px
"Sentinels" | 20x36 | Photography
"Lascaux" | 20x32 | Photography
"Long Beach" The Black and White Gallery "Sentinels"
"Sentinels" The Black and White Gallery
"Redwood"| 36x20 |Photography
"Cypress I, II, III" | 15x19 | Photography
"A36" The Colour Gallery
“Black & Blue” | Dimensions: 24 x 32
"Seescape"| 23x23 | Photography
"Crescent" The Colour Gallery