Gord Hoselton

Metal Artist

Using molten aluminum, the graceful free-formed pieces are individually hand poured into sand molds at a temperature of over 1000 F. After cooling, the solid aluminum sculpture is hand polished to a smooth, non-tarnish, care-free finish. As no two pieces are finished quite the same, this makes each one truly an object of art, with every sculpture having a simple unique definition all its own. These beautifully created examples of animals, birds, nautica, sports figures, corporate and professional gifts capture the hearts and imaginations of all. The distinctive freeformed animals, birds, and sea life that make up the Hoselton collection are the creation of a dedicated “family” of artisans at work in the heart of the rolling hills of Ontario’s Northumberland County. The family of workers at the studio are dedicated to assisting Gord Hoselton produce a product of distinction and are artists in their own right. To the uninitiated, the Hoselton process seems relatively simple: an original image is carved, a mould is made using a process known as sandcasting, and then a molten aluminum alloy at a temperature of 1200 degrees F is poured into the mould and allowed to cool. A long polishing process, including at least three different hand-polishing steps, gives each piece the soft, lustrous, no-tarnish finish that typifies a Hoselton sculpture. From start to finish, from the raw ingots of aluminum to the sparkling shimmering beauty of each completed item, it is obvious that quality and pride go hand in hand at Hoselton.

It has been over 20 years since brothers Gord and Carl Hoselton first developed the aluminum casting process that makes their sculptures so unique. Their work has been presented to Heads of State, Prime Ministers, the Archbishop of Canterbury and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Hoselton sculptures have also been presented as gifts on behalf of the Canadian government. Renowned for their quality and elegance, these sculptures are among the most coveted collectibles in the world.

Golfers | Metal Sculpture
Tree | 5" | Aluminum
Red Apple | 3"