Halin de Repentigny


Halin de Repentigny is an acclaimed artist with paintings held in national and international collections. Originally from Montreal, Halin first made his name when he moved to Dawson City, Yukon. He became well known for his depictions of life in Canada’s Klondike, interpreting the beauty and majesty of the remote northern wilderness and capturing it on canvas. Through the early years spent living on the land in the far north Halin continued to paint the world he had grown to love. His love of landscape, colour and light is now manifested in his winter home in Patagonia, Argentina while the Klondike summers continue to inspire his work.

Smokey Fall 20 x 24 Oil on Panel
Peppers 3 | 8"x8" | Acrylic | $300.00
Barber Bend 20 x 24 Oil on Canvas
New Forest #7 | SOLD
Evening Harbour colour C | SOLD
Violet and Violets | SOLD
May Day Dancers Acrylic 14” x 11” SOLD
"Who Has Seen the Wind" 48 " x 30 "| Acrylic on Canvas
Queen's Park - SOLD
TJ Trapp - Columbia Street 1924 | 12 x 13
Columbia Street 1931 - 700 Block | 12 x 16
Pre Golden Hour 20 x 24 Oil on Panel
Campsite on Klondike River 20 x 24 Oil on Panel
Mustard Composition 20 x 24 Oil on Canvas
Bleeding Bush 20 x 24 Oil on Canvas

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