Harris Smith

(Lalkawilas) May 25, 1942 – September 30, 2005

Harris Smith belongs to the People who are commonly called Kwaguilth, one of the many groups of Native People indigenous to the coast of British Columbia. His family originates from both Oweekeno Village and Campbell River.

 Harris unique artistic style has been greatly influenced by his grandfather, Lalkawilas Ôø? former Hereditary Chief of the Campbell River Band Ôø? who taught Harris the skills of carving, painting, and design.

Harris proudly inherited his GrandfatherÔø?s name and signs all of his work Lalkawilas (Chief who feasts the People till morning).

Since becoming a full time artist, Lalkawilas (Harris Smith) has won many awards for his artistic skills and creativity. His work has been sought out by collectors across Canada and throughout the world. During the 1994 Commonwealth Games, Harris was extremely honoured to have two of his wood carvings presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

The whale is the greatest hunter in the sea and is often depicted as a symbol of great strength and bravery.. The distinguishing features of the Killer Whale are a round snouted head with a large mouth and many teeth. A dorsal and pectoral fin and a tail with symmetrical flutes.

Man Frog 18" X 15"
Half Moon - SOLD
Eclipse 15" X 22 "
Rising Sun - SOLD
SOLD - Left Behind 25" X 18"
SOLD - Grizzly Bear: Killer Whale 18" X 15"

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