Intarsia Woodworks

Wood Artist

Each piece of this woodart uses natural Western Red Cedar Grown in the local beautiful British Columbia forests. The location within the tree determines its different colors.Each individual piece has been chosen specifically for color, direction of grain, and texture and then realistically shaped to complete the picture. This woodart is handcrafted by John and Myrna Dobmeier in their woodworking home in British Columbia, Canada. Animal and nature themes are prominent throughout their pieces their designs also include Nativity Sets.


Wood used is called Western Red Cedar,finished pieces are all natural wood, no stains or colors have been added. Each Individual piece is picked for its color, direction of grain, and texture, e.g., wood fading from dark to lighter are picked for the mountains, each picture is handmade, and individually shaped, totally handcrafted, no production line stuff here, no computerized cutters, each is humanly cut and shaped, no two will be the same.

Bear Behind Cavin
Abundent Red | 48 x 48
Wild in the Wind Two |
Pink Peek Wildly Series | 46-x-46
Cliff Launch Scattered Red | 40 x 40
Red Abandoned