Jane Appleby


I am inspired by the drama of light as it moves along forms, the rhythms and nuances of shapes, and the colours that change from subtle to vivid at any given moment.

When I start an abstract composition I rely on a repertoire of studies, photographs and memories as I delve into a creative journey that welcomes the mingling of colour relationships and different paint applications.

In this spontaneous process I am intrigued by contrasting elements that present themselves and am challenged to make them work within the painting. This may involve placement of gestural brushstrokes or lines, colours, specific textures or marks such as cross hatches or dots, which add depth or imply movement and invite the viewer to move through the painting and connect to it’s energy. 

Often when I paint, I feel there is a song to be expressed and I work in such a way that each movement of the brush is like a colourful note or chord playing out the scene. Even though the initial gestures of the painting form freely and quickly, completing the painting may take some time as I consider the composition and how it feels.

Ultimately painting the landscape abstractly enlightens and challenges me to find new ways to observe and treasure it, and I hope that others may also find this exploration and joy within my artwork. 

SOLD - Iris Arrangement, 12 "x 9"
Sunny Afternoon, 11" x 14"
Cold in Lyn Valley, 11" x 14"
Bright Overture, 6" x 10"
Frost at Yew Lake, 11" x 14"

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