Jeanne Krabbendam


Born in Holland, Jeanne (pronounce it like the French do) lived in The Netherlands and Northern Africa, before immigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 1999. Since that time she has been busy establishing herself as a talented mixed media artist with European flair on the West Coast. Jeanne is an artist full of energy and passion. Painting has always been part of Jeanne’s daily life. She has formal training in the European art tradition and extensive exhibit experience both in Europe and North America. Her abstract and semi-abstract work is often based on architectural elements, but a large part of her work is also rooted in landscape. After finishing art training in The Netherlands and France, she started painting in themes, working with acrylics, water colour, oil paint, encaustic techniques, printmaking and collage. Working in themes, in series of paintings, allows her to explore a theme or concept. This way the process of painting is for her by itself a journey, a voyage through ideas, composition, texture and colour. Always trying to get as close as she can to the story she wants to share. Stylistically many of her works hover somewhere between representational and abstract. Her compositions are built up through the use of overlapping fragmented painted motifs, torn handmade paper, copies of documents, handwritten words and altered photographs. With a strong sense of colour Jeanne creates paintings, tactile compositions, that are peaceful yet full of movement, subtle yet powerful.

Jeanne’s most recent series of abstracts are based on the theme “TOUCHED”. The theme covers the places we normally don’t look, the back side of our cities, the places we don’t show to our visitors coming to town. Not only are these places over time touched by many people and environmental impact, they also touch the artist: “Preparing my paintings and looking at these places I think of the many people who live on the streets of our cities and towns, for whom these walls are their wallpaper, their backdrop, their home.” The works in this series are all painted on a built surface of different textural materials such as acrylics, altered images, wax and oil paint, sometimes using rust and patinas to add more depth to her work.

A story of a little prince - 48H X 36W
The Earth - 24 H X 30 W
Geothermal - 40 H X 52 W -sm
You Remember How Good It Was - 24 x 24 - sm
Afflated | 50"H x 70"W | Mixed media on canvas
FIRE - 24H X 24 W X 1.5 D - sm
The Earth - 24 H X 30 W
Wait for a Time - 40 H X 30 W
Frisson | 36"H x 24"W | Mixed media on canvas
It is yours - 30 W X 40 H - sm
Like Poetry - 36 H X 24 W -sm
Empyrean | 45"H x 80"W | Mixed media on canvas
Elated | 45"H x 80"W | Mixed media on canvas

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