Jeff Wilson

Artist | Painter

Jeff Wilson was born in 1969 in Edinburgh, Scotland to blue-collar parents.  He trained as a structural geologist in the UK and worked in mineral exploration around the world, settling in Vancouver in 2004.  Evening classes at Emily Carr University kickstarted a hobby that became a full-time art practice in 2013.

Jeff has produced a number of painting collections in recent years, covering diverse subjects as including, working vehicles, neon signs, animal portraits, the Shetland Islands and the Vancouver’s people & urban landscape.  These have exhibited across a wide range of public galleries in BC and the US. 


I work with acrylic paints on canvas to produce images in a painterly realist style.  The resulting work is immediately recognizable by its combination of dynamic composition, unusual subject and vibrant palette.

My paintings are based on photographic images.  This deliberate choice allows me to create work that combines the spontaneity & movement inherent to photography with the inspection and discrimination required by the physical act of painting.  Viewed from a distance, the images are almost photographic in intensity, breaking down to the visible rough brushstrokes closer up.  

I try to create paintings from on observations of people, objects and landscape that illustrate aspects of a given place or time.  I deliberately choose recognisable subjects from unusual perspectives, to make people think about our world and appreciate it.

Wainwright Basin, Acrylic painting, 40x30 inches, Jeff Wilson, 2019
Wainwright Basin Acrylic |40x30 inches
Frenchman River | 8x10 | Acrylic on Canvas
South of Cadillac, Acrylic painting, 18x72 inches, Jeff Wilson, 2018
South of Cadillac, Acrylic painting, 18x72 inches, Jeff Wilson | SOLD
Aquabus Acrylic | 18x24 inches SOLD
Belmont | 18x24 | Acrylic on Canvas
SOLD -Below Ravenscrag, Acrylic, 24x24 inches
McCormick Deering, Acrylic, 24x24 inches
Stardust Motel, SOLD Acrylic, 10x8 inches
Wainwright Basin SOLD , Acrylic, 18x24 inches
Rainier, Acrylic painting, 36x36 inches, Jeff Wilson, 2020
Rainier Acrylic | 36x36 inches
Pioneer Gold, Acrylic, 10 x 10"
North Rim, Acrylic, 9x12 inches,
Sea Breeze SOLD | 30x40 | Acrylic on Canvas
Stardust Motel SOLD , Acrylic, 10x8 inches
Vas Rasaay | 36x48 | Acrylic on Canvas
Scotsguard Truck SOLD | 9x12 | Acrylic
SOLD - Frank Island | 18x36 | Acrylic on Canvas
Well Shed, SOLD Acrylic, 18x24 inches,
Hemlock Grove SOLD | 6x8 | Acrylic on Canvas
Bath Street, SOLD Acrylic, 18x24 inches
Composition R, Acrylic, 24x24 inches
On the Crest of a Wave, Acrylic, 10x8 inches
South McQuesten Valley, Acrylic,

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