Jerry McLaughlin


Jerry began his formal training at Emily Carr (Vancouver Art School) at the age of 18. He began his career as an Artist in CBC, Saskatoon. He relocated to Vancouver where he continued with CBC creating the Station I.D. with carte blanche in designs. Jerry then moved to Australia for three years where he enjoyed huge success with his water colour portraits and gallery exhibitions.

The last 30 years he has enjoyed an artistic career with, Art Craft Advertising, then animation with Gordon Stanfield Animation Ltd, and finally as an Incorporated Artist in the local movie industry, where he has created many a scenic backdrop and special effects as well as paintings and other artistic endeavors’.

Jerry has exhibited his work over the years in Vancouver, and abroad in Australia. Currently Jerry is retired from the movie industry and works in his home studio in New Westminster. He is now working on a series of life studies and portraits, with a focus on figurative studies in water and landscapes.

Much of Jerry’s work is available in his extensive portfolio and website

Jerry McLaughlin is a member of the New West 7 and is represented by the Van Dop Gallery.

The Cuts | 16x20 | Acrylic on Canvas
Dizzy Sized | 20x24 | Acrylic on Canvas
Clifford Brown | Acrylic on Canvas
Freddy's Blues | Oil on Canvas
Henry 'Red' Allen | Acrylic on Canvas
Boyz in the Band | 22x28 | Acrylic on Canvas
Fats Navaro | Acrylic on Canvas
Mystic Mountains | Acrylic on Canvas
Ella's Pearls | 18x24 | Oil
Miles | Acrylic on Canvas