Jim Charles Walsh


Growing up in a creative family in Brooklyn, New York provided the perfect environment for Jim Walsh who paints as ‘ J. Charles ‘ to grow artistically. “My family encouraged me to follow my passion for drawing and painting”, and with many stops along the way, the path lead to the west coast of British Columbia. With a unique style that is constantly evolving, Charles’ work encompasses elements of fine art and print design. 

As an Active Status member of the Federation of Canadian Artists he has been exhibited chiefly in Vancouver, Seattle and with Fine Caribbean Art in Boca Raton, Florida. He has taught multimedia design at the Video In and drawing at Dr. Clark Elementary school in Alberta. His work is featured in the permanent collection of the Alberta Art Foundation as well as in private collections throughout North America. A selection of his work is published as open edition art.

“As a painter I am drawn to the random patterns and colors that I see and feel in our natural surroundings. I’m interested in capturing a specific moment and then reimagining it through the colors that I see as well as the colors that I want to see. When I start a painting I have a vision of the finished piece, but that will often change along the way as the painting will take on a life of it’s own. I strive to recreate on canvas a feeling that a particular scene conjours in my mind. Each painting is an honest attempt to share that vision.”

Distant Mountain | 40x30
Crimson Grey | 24 x 36
Arbutus Gulf Island Weekend | 30x40
Arbutus Reaching | 36x24
Fall Vermillion | 24 x 36
Mist | 24x30
Purple Mountain-2 | 28 x 20
Across The Lake | 30x24
Red | 48 x 36 SOLD
Blue Mountain | 18 x 36
Misty Pinks | 16 x 20
SOLD - Peugeot Fall 24 X 36 "
Arbutus Madrona | 24x36
Lake and grasses | 32x32
Arbutus Dreaming 36x24
Autumn Fire | 16x20
Opus | 30 x 24
Crimson Mist | 18x24 SOLD
“Straight Lines” Acrylic on Canvas | 24 x 36
“La Connor Vista” Acrylic on Canvas | 12 x 16
Over the Hill 2 | 22 x 28 SOLD
Valley of Tulips | 11x16
Forest Red | 12 x 12 SOLD
Fall-Fireworks | diptych - SOLD
Fall Arboretum 48X30
Moody Reds | 24X36
Arbutus Madrona Afternoon | 24x36
Arbutus Twist | 34x12
Behind MOA - UBC 28" x 24"
Fall Afternoon | 20 x 28
Maple Gold | 40 x 30 SOLD
Spring | 48x24
Autumn Takes Hold | 36 x 60 SOLD

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