Joanna Lovett

Jewelry Designer

Joanna’s sculpting background heightens her awareness of shape and form, and her training under European goldmsiths at the Vancouver school of jewelry and design has helped perfect the fine detailing of her work. Joanna strives to create soft edges and textures in her pieces so that each one is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. This is jewelry that people love to collect and wear.

Glistening, sea-washed stones is the first thing that comes to mind when you see Joanna’s current line of sterling and 14K jewelry. Not surprising, her inspiration for the meticulously handcrafted pieces has come during her solitary walks on the beaches near her studio on British Columbia’s spectacular West Coast.


Soleil Earrings
Soleil Earrings
Poppy Ring Stacker
Twiggy Stacker
Heart Earrings | Vermeil
Floating Heart | Vermeil
Journey Collection
Soleil Necklace
Stuck Stackers | Sterling with Blue Mist Chalcedony and Bronze
Planet Ring with Twiggies
Heart to Heart
Oval Necklace
Soleil Ring
Big Splash Earrings
Peppered Studs
Heart Necklace | Vermeil
O Canada Earrings | Sterling and Vermeil