Judi Wild

Judi believes that we are all a composite of our past. She is now using all the experience gained from her 11 years that she spent as a draftsperson and the additional 11 years spent as a grapher designer to personally e decorate & enhance her artwork. As well as having fun, Judi enjoys giving more of herself to each of her lithographed prints and hopes to make each one very special & unique. She is represented in the National Archives of Canada, and her art is displayed world-wide in many corporate collections. She has won several competitions including the “Peoples Choice” award at the 1996 Brant Festival and again in 1998. Judi has developed and mastered the labour intensive method of applying watercolors using the “drybrush” technique. This gives her work “extra” in delicate detail which she tirelessly portrays. With such a busy schedule, Judi regrets that she is no longer able to set aside the necessary time to teach her unusual paainting style to eager students in the Comox Valley. Judi’s fascination with their ancient totem poles of the Queen Charlotte Islands is visually expressed in her Westcoast Haida series. She has devoted considerable time to researching the history of the area. “The more that I discover about this spiritual place, the more entranced I become”. It is very important to the artist to share this knowledge, so the recipient of every print will receive an information sheet. “Although these paintings are very different from my previous works, I know that I was meant to travel down this path – perhaps for no other reason than to enjoy the journey as much as the destination”.

Judi Wild is one of Canada’s most passionate environmental artists. Through her art, she is able to express her feelings of reverence and understanding of thae spiritual beliefs of our ancient aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

An ethereal quality to her watercolours creates a sense of mysticism. Judi’s work promotes her deep connection and concern for the natural environment.

Spirit of Chief Ninstints
Guardian Of The Spirit Bear | SOLD