Kathryn Youngs

Ceramic Artist

Born in southern California, I grew up on the family owned cherry orchard located in the small mountain community of Lytle Creek. I have made Vancouver my home since 1972. Originally a printmaker, I discovered the magic of clay at a local community centre in 1979 and have been happily exploring it’s possibilities ever since.

I have always looked to 20th century painters for inspiration, from Max Beckman to Picasso and Matisse, though my biggest influence has been the childhood visits to Disneyland. There I developed a love of movement and of bold colours, characteristics important to my satisfaction with each piece I do.

For twenty-one years I made slab built sculptural vessels which can be found in collections as diverse as those of Tony Chong and of the National History Museum of Taipei. With the Ferocious Fruit I’m back in the produce business, though this time with a product that will last for ever without refrigeration, I love food, I love flowers, I love painting. It is a good life.

I was born and raised in the home of Disneyland. Since officially immigrating to Canada in 1973, I have incorporated the concerns of a painter and sculptor with those of a potter, concentrating on form, brushwork, colour, construction, and a cross-cultural examination of decoration. Her work is in the collection of the Gardiner Museum.

Floral Vase
Pink & Green Vase (no handle)

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