Keith Rice-Jones


“I blame it all on my childhood. Was it growing up in a post war, make-do Britain with a practical father who had a shed full of tools and tins full of salvaged nuts, bolts and grommets? Was it the family outings to castles and ornate houses? Did the grey austerity fuel my interest in ancient cultures and their exotic rituals? How much of the “backwoods” aspects of the scouts brought me to British Columbia?”

“Whatever the cause, these experiences have a coming together in my work, along with a strong connection to my initial training as a cabinet maker. Many of my pieces are slab-built, with strong architectural references from diverse sources, often hinting at secret rituals. Although largely sculptural, these are essentially rooted in the vessel tradition and can be functional too.” [Keith’s functional vessels can be viewed under Ceramics -Wildrice Pottery Studio]

Question of Priorities | Ceramic | SOLD
Bishop's Retreat
Untitled | 20" High | Ceramic | SOLD
Bladerunner | Ceramic
Partial Eclipse | Ceramic

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