Lanta Meng


Lanta Meng is a contemporary artist living in New Westminster, on the west coast of Canada. She studied Fine Art at the San Francisco Academy of Art College and at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver in the early 80s.

Her paintings are often characterized as a blend between impressionism and realism. Color and shape, light and shadow, smooth and textured brush strokes guide the vibrant oil paints she uses to transfer her inspiration and emotions to canvas.   

Lanta finds inspiration in nature, the beauty of the British Columbia West Coast, and the places she visits. Some common recurring themes in her paintings are trees, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Lanta is represented by the Van Dop Gallery in New Westminster. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Amelia Douglas Gallery, Petley Jones Gallery, the New Westminster Cultural Crawl, and Arts Council of New Westminster. Her paintings are widely collected in Canada and abroad.

North Shore mountains 30” x30”
Cats play, Lino print, 5”x7”
Coastal View, dyptich 2 x 36"x48"
Coastal View, dyptich 2 x 36"x48"
B. C. Coast 10”x 48”
Summer Shade at Ambleside Park North Vancouver 30"x30"
Two canoes 30"x 30"
summer trail
Backyard Creek 30" x 30 "
Farmland Overview 36x18”
SOLD - White Barns 36" x 36"
California coast, 24” x 48”
Bridge view, gouache, 7”x8”
Field of Colours 36" x 18"
Arbutus trees 30”x30”
SOLD - A Red Boat 36”x24”
Rocky Cove 30"x30"
Woods are lovely 36"x36"
SOLD - Mud Bay and Mount Baker 24" X 36"
Seven Doors 18”x36”
SOLD - Danville Hill 18”x36”
SOLD - Hillside, 30x30"
SOLD - Valley View 12" x 60 "
SOLD - Twilight Hour 18" x 36"
Summer garden by the fence 24" x 36"
A Cat in the garden 24”x48”
Glenbrook Park 24"x 24"
Portmann bridge in October, Gouche, 7"x8.5"
White and Green Flowers 30”x40”
Cariboo Park in winter 30"x40"
North Shore Woods 36”x36”
Rocky Coast Oil on Canvas 24X39
SOLD - September at 70 Mile 30" x 40"
SOLD Muskoka 30”x40”
SOLD - Sun Break at the Lake 36 x46
SOLD - Custom Commission

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