Leslie Poole


Nationally and internationally recognized, Vancouver-based artist Leslie Poole (b. 1942, Halifax, Nova Scotia) received his MFA from Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut) in 1970 and is now firmly established as one of Canada’s most extensively exhibited artists. He has had over 100 solo exhibitions in Canada and the U.S. In addition to one-person shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, his work has been shown in solo exhibitions in numerous Canadian museums.

Poole’s paintings, drawings, and prints question life and art at the end/beginning of the Millennium through subjects as diverse as: male and female figures, still life, landscape, and self-portraits. Never content with doing only one thing well, his works range from realist to expressionist in style. His masterful expressionistic brushwork is directed by the assurance of years of experience in order to create works of deeply felt emotion. Expert paint handling and use of colour are his trademarks. Leslie believes that through the continuous exploration of his/herself, the artist symbolically creates the conditions of the human soul.

Aspens Thinking | 20" Diameter
Aspen / Interior D - 40" x 60"
By the Lane | Acrylic on Canvas | SOLD
Black and White | 15" X 15"
Aspen / Interior B - 40" x 60"
Portal | 22" x 17" | Acrylic on Canvas
Bowl of Strawberries | 15" X 15"
Light on Water” Acrylic | 40" x 60" - SOLD
Manet March | Acrylic on Canvas

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