Lori Bagneres

Lori , a visual artist born in Ontario, and living in British Columbia, Canada, graduated from L’école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble in France receiving her Diplôme National Superieur D’éxpression Plastique (MFA in Contemporary Art). Lori currently pursues multiple creative interests as a mixed media artist and as an arts educator in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. She is a co-founder of 5enses, a collective of five women artists from North Vancouver and has attained active member status at the Federation of Canadian Artists and is equally a member of the North V ancouver Arts Council . Presently, Lori is the curator for Artbomb on the Westcoast of Canada: an online auction selling contemporary art from coast to coast. Her work is shown both in public and private galleries in British Columbia and Ontario, and held in private, public and corporate collections & institutions throughout Canada, the U.S., France and Australia. She has been recently published in a 10-page article in Acrylic Artist Winter 2016 issue.

In an article written by art critic Zack Hatfield’s he states:

“Bagnérès spray paints graffiti, including both smudged urban & meditative rural iconography to sustain a tone of strange possibility. When viewing images within a series, her paintings feel like recurring dreams, each one taking on a form slightly changed from the last. They are paintings you seem to wake up from…”

Family tree – acrylic, photo transfer, mixed media on canvas or panel a dichotomy of two worlds is reflected in this series, a cross-section between urban and natural landscape, commingling into one… I juxtapose images of migrating crows against eroded, rusted, decayed and tagged walls – indicative of how both time and people leave their mark on a surface….it is also a reflection on the crows’ daily diaspora from Still Creek to various urban and suburban neighbourhoods in and around Vancouver….for me, this fusion of natural and cultural landscape embodies that “push” or a fascination for the city – shared by humans and birds alike – and that “pull“ that always draws you back home, to the family tree..

The New Millennials 30x24
Within & Without 30x30
Emergence 12x12
Happy Together 9x12
A Day for a Dream 12x12
Within & Without 30x30
Bracing For Winter 2022 6x6 mixed media
The Sapling & The Snow 6x6x 2022
Snow in Sunset 12x12
Golden Years 24x24
"Maven" 20x16 SOLD
“Next Generation” Mixed Media on cradle panel | 12x12 SOLD
“A Quiet Rebel” Mixed
Media on cradle panel | 30" x 30" SOLD
CN Trespassers | 20" x 16"
Flourish 12x12
Next of Kin 30x30
The Edge Of Winter 10x10 2022
SOLD - "Among the Giants
"Divided by Five" 16x20 mixed media on cradled panel
SOLD - "Above the 49th Parallel"
Mixed Media on Cradle Panel | 16x12
“Canadian National”
Mixed media on cradle panel | 12 x 16 SOLD
"Only Passing Through"
Mixed Media on Cradle Panel | 12x16
In Tandem 30x30
In The Limelight 24x24 2020
North Face 12x12
"Winter Aria" 24x24
‘Nestled’ 12 x 36"
SOLD - Love The One You’re With
"Day Of Atonement" SOLD 1 2x12
“Juncture” mixed media | SOLD | 12x30

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