Fibre Artist

The work that artists do fascinates me. I’ve worked very closely, for many years, with various institutions and artists’ associations that exist to support artists and promote recognition of their work. I’ve been actively involved as an elected officer, director or representative of organizations related to the arts. In so doing, I have rubbed shoulders with many artists working in all fields of art—dancers, painters, writers, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, multimedia artists, musicians, and many others. All of this has greatly influenced my own artistic path.

Such influence manifested itself more tangibly in the first creations I produced using the new Jacquard weaving technologies. I first produced a series of (twenty) textile pieces depicting dance—more specifically, movement, light and textiles used in the choreographic works on which I chose to focus. The various choreographers and photographers I contacted in order to complete this project and obtain permission to use their images were very enthusiastic; this allowed me to exchange ideas with them and understand their work more clearly.

I then wished to incorporate more of my own photos (since photography was playing an increasingly significant role in my artistic explorations). After producing a series of works on nature (e.g. Indian Summer), I began a new series, entitled Coexistence. This gave rise to works such as Lumière réfléchissante (Reflective Light), Lumière énergisante (Energizing Light), Lumière de la ville (City Lights), and Lumière du Solstice (Solstice Light).

La La La Human Steps
Joe - Perreault