Marianna Mikhaylyan


Marianna Mikhaylyan is an artist of Russian-Armenian origin born in Moscow in 1972. From 1991 until 1995, she studied as an artist in applied arts at the Moscow Academy. In 1995, she graduated with the Diploma of Excellence.

The same year, Marianna became a member of the International Art Fund, fund dedicated to the promotion of talented Russian artists in Russia. Since then, she has participated in various art shows in Russia, USA and Canada. Inspired by her training in figureskating and in classical ballet in Russia, Marianna developed her personal style in visual art called ìmovementalismî , a personal approach expressing, in the flow of movements found in her artworks, the harmony between the objects painted and the space and surroundings around them.

Marianna Mikhaylyanís artworks (batiks, graphics, paintings and icons) can be found in private collections around the world including in Russia, USA, Canada, France, Hungary, Germany, U.K., Norway, Italy, Israel and Austria. 

Maman | 30 x 30" | Acrylic on Canvas
Amour Inconditionnel | 24 x 48" | Acrylic on Canvas
Tendresse 30 x 36 '
Snowman 36 X 30
Soiree en Amoureuux | 36 x 24" | Acrylic on Canvas
Serene | 30 x 30" | Acrylic on Canvas