Maryanne Jespersen

Abstract Artist | Painter

Born and raised in central Alberta, I now make my home near Enderby, British Columbia, Canada. Having a special love towards all of nature’s creations started in early childhood and has continued to grow with an increased knowledge of my surroundings. Living close to the prairies and mountains
has provided me with nature’s beauty to expand my artistic talent.

By 1990 I changed careers, which allowed me more time for my true passion,  painting. My studio was the great outdoors and by 1995 various paintings depicted a new freedom of impressionism. Early morning and late afternoon painting excursions are a favorite of mine. Working primarily with oil paints, my art became an expression of strength, light and emotion. From my unique imagination my paintings can and do project and exhibit a warm closeness to nature that is constantly evolving.

In 2000, I fully committed to my artistic passion by painting full time. Exploring even more with my art, I am constantly painting, and it has become even more important to continue on this path to furthering my transition and growth as an artist.

My art resides in businesses and residences around the world, throughout Canada and the United States.

Maryanne Jesperson is represented by the Van Dop Gallery.

Back in the Beginning | 24x48
The beaver pond | 18x36
Over the Rough Stuff | 16x20
Jewel Apogee | 12x48
Mountain Mosey | 18x36
SOLD | Doing it my Way
Shelter Bay | 18x36
Behind the Scenes | 36 x 36
An Orderly Fashion | 12x48
Clearly Canadian | 30x40
SOLD | Wildflower Twist | 30x30
Riparian Rise | 30x40
Taking Center Stage| 20x60
SOLD | Waterton Basin | 30 x 40
SOLD | Alluring Entrant | 12x48
SOLD | Beatified | 12x48

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