Motoko is one of the most established and recognized artists on the Sunshine Coast. Born and raised in Japan, Motoko immigrated to Canada and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1992. Working predominantly in acrylics, water colour and encaustics, she is known for her fine sense of color, design and texture to create abstract paintings. Motoko is strongly influenced by her Japanese cultural background, as well as the spirit of Zen and the natural beauty of British Columbia’s west coast where she now lives. Motoko’s gallery is located at 4590 Sinclair Bay Road, Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, BC.

Ultimately, Motoko’s goal is to create art that evokes emotions and feelings and generates positive energy and harmony within viewers. She wants to create pieces that people wish to have in their daily lives and which brings them joy and happiness.

“Originally from Japan, I am strongly influenced by my Japanese cultural background, as well as the natural beauty of British Columbia’s west coast where I now live. The Japanese concepts of “jounetsu”, “yasuragi”, “iyashi” and “kokoro” are fundamental to my whole being. Through my passion for art, I try to blend these concepts together to evoke a sense of peacefulness, tranquility and healing that touches the mind and soul of the viewer.” — Motoko

Start of Spring - 30 " x 48"
Hope for Peace 15 - 40 " x 30"
Crystal Falls 2 48”w x 72”h
Blue Reflection 54”w x 40”h
The Joy of Winter 48” 60”
Hope for Peace 14 - 36 x 36"
The Joy of Spring 48" x 60 "
12 x 12 " Syntheses 1
JOY OF WINTER 11 48” w x 24”h
Glacier Falls 60” w x 60” Acrylic on canvas
Autumn Glow 36”w x 48”h
Summer Garden - 30" x 40"
12 x 12 " Syntheses 8
12 x 12" Syntheses 2
SOLD -Sprit Falls III 24” x 72” Acrylic on canvas

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