We are proud to display a range of oil, acrylic paintings and mixed media art pieces in the Van Dop Art Gallery, located in New Westminster, BC. Our showcase covers a variety of artists producing beautiful creations. 

“Paintings … is not copying the object, it’s realizing one’s sensations.” – Paul Cezanne  

We display a range of artwork created by local and Canadian artists. They bring a variety of international influence to their personal painting style in their artwork.

Our art collection of paintings, a medium that creates a conversation without words between artist and audience, covers a variety of categories including:

  •  Fine Art
  •  Contemporary abstract artwork
  • Landscape paintings

Where words may fail to express, colors and brush strokes convey experience and feeling. Markings on canvas, brush strokes and textures created by the use of a pallet knife, become expressions of ideas, questions and stories.

Paintings are unique objects, displays of artwork imbued with the presence of the artist, but reflective of the inner experience of the viewer. They make for beautiful finishing touches to your home’s interior design. 

Looking for a special piece of artwork to complete your home decorations and interior design needs? Our Art Gallery provides a unique experience where you get to view the paintings of our artists in a home setting to help visualize and conceptualize the artwork in your own home or interior space.

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