Paul Garvett

Photographer | Mixed Media

Photography was my earliest entry into the creative arts and that was soon followed by music. My piano studies took over and, after earning a performance degree, I worked as a professional musician for several years in Toronto. Over the years, my career has taken several paths, from an agent for musicians to a manager of performing arts centres and a programmer of multi-disciplinary performances. In the midst of this was a foray into floor loom and tapestry weaving, during which time I developed a method of incorporating both styles of weaving. Several shops across Canada carried my weaving, which I called in situ.
A rekindled passion for photography has recently re-entered my life. After years of observations, I am exploring the intersections of photography and contemporary art, in particular the unseen elements of light and the layering of colour and shape. 
I explore techniques of capturing abstract effects in the camera, finding ways to extract ethereal qualities that are not visible at casual observation. In ‘developing’ the image, I tease out elements of light, colour and form to further explore the abstractions.
Exhibitions includes Arts Vancouver, IDS Vancouver, Ferry Building Gallery (West Vancouver, BC), Plasket Gallery (New Westminster, BC), Glasgow Gallery of Photography, LA Artcore’s 4th Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibit, and The International Society of Experimental Artists 29th Annual Open Juried Exhibition. 
Colour Study 45
Colour Study 22
Lumiere 1 (24x36 alupanel)
Colour Study 43
Blue (Arles 1) (32x32 mounted alupanel)
Lumiere 2 (24x36 alupanel)
Colour Study 26
Blue (Arles 2) (32x32 mounted alupanel)

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