Paul Ygartua

Creation and interpretation is Paul’s life. In painting he is at home in all mediums and prodigious. His styles include Realism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Post Modernism, Surrealism, Abstract Surrealism and Future Conceptualism, a revolutionary technique developed and created by Ygartua. His continuous study and work on techniques and painting mediums are apparent throughout his vast body of work. Paul Ygartua is an artist whose versatility is reflected in his work. He is among those who lives elsewhere than their birthplaces. He was born in 1945 in Bebington, Cheshire (Liverpool) England. After graduating from Faculty of Arts Industrial Design, Liverpool Art College in 1965 he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. From then on painting became his whole existence.

Paul Ygartua is a painter and muralist with bases in Canada, France, Spain and England. He has single handedly painted some of the largest public space murals in Canada and the United States. His most famous works are his “Heritage Series” depicting North American Natives and other ethnic and cultural groups. He is renown world wide for his monumental murals. “The World United ” (100ftx25ft/3,048cmx762cm) being one of his most notorious, commissioned by the United Nations for the United Nations Pavilion at the World Expo 86 Vancouver and his largest to date “Legends of the Millennium”, over 9,000 square foot (24ftx390ft/731cmx11,872cm). The American website ASKART considers it probably the largest mural ever painted by a single artist. His most recent mural in 2013, United in History, commemorating the history of Denny Island and The Heiltsuk Nation, Bella Bella – Pauline Hilistis Waterfall and the Hereditary Chiefs of the Heiltsuk Nation, Bella Bella dubbed him The Mural Miracle Maker.

Soldiers of Hope 46x60
U-TURN 4x4 ft
SOLD | "New York" | 4'x 5' | acrylic
"Lennon" | 4 x 5 ' | acrylic
"Abstract " | 4'x 6' | acrylic
Our Saviours 48x60
Facing the Enemy 40 x 72nn
"Nudes" | 4'x 5' | acrylic
"Jimi" | 4 x 5' | acrylic
"Abstract " | 4'x 5'| acrylic
Abstract Vancouver 6 |
"Mask" | 3'x 5' | acrylic

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