Richard Cole

Richard Cole was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1968. For over a decade he has been making his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Richard studied oil painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Upon graduating in 1991, he made a decision to concentrate his practice in the realm of figurative realism. It was a vacation along the Oregon coast that turned Richard into what is decidedly a Northwest Coast landscape painter. Living in Vancouver, with its proximity to North shore forests and the world famous Pacific Rim National Park, Richard is never at a loss for subject matter. His paintings of these verdant cedar forests and wild coastal shores demonstrate his talent with the brush. His paintings are drenched with an atmosphere that is rendered through the delicate use of colour and light. His use of perspective commands the viewer to see what it is about the scene that caught his eye in the first place.

Recently Richard has begun to develop a body of work focused on the Canadian Prairie. His treatment of the meeting of sky and land is recognizably his own. Softness of palate meets vastness of sky with the resultant tension manifesting as thick atmosphere. It is almost as if we, along with the painter, are waiting for the Prairie storm to break.

Richard is represented by a number of international galleries and has been successfully showing this work for a number of years.

Treescape 1 | 42" x 42" | Oil on Canvas
Arbutus | 54" x 37" | Oil on Canvas SOLD | SOLD
Yellow & Blue 30" X 30" | SOLD
Beach 24" X 24" | SOLD
Golden Light 36" X 48" | SOLD
Disruptions 2 18 x 24”
Pink 30" X 30" | SOLD
SOLD Wind Tree 24 x 24 |
Disruptions 1 18” x 24
Teal Sky 30" X 30" | SOLD

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