Roy Henry Vickers

Aboriginal Artist

Ocean Village “My childhood is a distant memory of an ancient ocean village near Prince Rupert on the north coast. The village numbered about five hundred and our lives revolved around the sea. Fishing, hunting, and harvesting from the land was a way of life. The life style would be something close to what we call survival today.

For the children there was a wonderful playground called the beach, it was full of awe and mystery. Our time reminder was the ebb and flow of running tide. Our music was the cry of Eagle, Raven, and gulls; the song of the Whale, and howl of Wolf. I cannot recall the word, ìboringî.

After a half century of living in B.C., it is no surprise that I often can be found in the village of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver island. I love to play with my children on the beach, watching a sunset, looking for passing whales at sea, or building castles in the sand. I do believe I will always return to the joy of the sea near some OCEAN VILLAGE.”

” “I can identify with the lines from the John Maysfield poem, Sea Fever.

ìI must go down to the sea again for the call of the running tide. Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied.î “

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Solstice | SOLD
Milky Waters | SOLD

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