Tiffany Blaise

Landscape Artist

The bold and dramatic nature of Tiffany Blaise’s work is translated through the artist’s fascination with capturing emotionally charged landscapes on canvas. In her artistic practice, the Vancouver-based painter explores the themes of movement, introspection and transformation through reinterpreting subjects such as dramatic coastlines and swirling skies.

The process of creating the mixed media paintings commences with sourcing imagery from multiple sketches and photographs taken in the field. Informed by the “New Ink Painting Movement” each painting begins with gestural ink brushwork and fluid washes of color to express a mood; bold, romantic, and dreamy. Delicate veils of oil modulated with cold wax impasto are layered over the ink to balance textural detail with the evocative and ephemeral. Both brushes and palette knives are used to achieve a composition that is both rich in color and luminous in tone.

Blaise’s paintings unite the physical landscape with the world of the mind. “My art practice is a journey rooted in the exploration of thoughts and nature. I want to portray the connection between our inner nature and the landscape that surrounds us.” She sources imagery of dramatic landscapes and seascapes while adventuring around British Columbia and abroad.

Myth 36 x 36"
Shining Moment 54"X96" Mixed media on Canvas
Spirits of the Sky 24" x 24"