Veronica Foster


Veronica Foster was inspired to become an artist at an early age by a book on the Renaissance. Her father, also an artist, taught her to draw and encouraged her to develop her career.

With an academic foundation provided by her studies at the Vancouver Vocational Institute, Capilano College and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, she prospered for over ten years as an in-house and freelance graphic designer and airbrush illustrator.

Returning to the source of her inspiration, Veronica chose to explore her interest in architectural decorative arts. A modern day alchemist, she has developed a versatile repertoire of both contemporary and historic decorative painting techniques.

A series of contemporary fresco fragments she created has captured the attention of the media on several occasions and subsequently the studio and her artwork have been featured on:

Rogers Community Cable Global Televsion News with Dave Gerry The Discovery Channel, “Travellers” Shaw Cable, “City Nights” As a result of this media coverage some of the fresco artwork is now available as art prints through Art In Motion, an international art publishing company.

In her career as a professional artist Veronica has worked on many local and international projects, collaborating with interior design professionals to create personalized works of art for their discerning clientelle.

The powerful figurative drawings of the renaissance, inspired Veronica to become an artist. Taught to draw by her father, her style has evolved over the course of a lengthy career.

After ten years in graphic design and airbrush illustration she then shifted her artistic focus into painting architectural decorative art.

For the past eight years, Veronica has worked with various artistic styles, materials and faux finish techniques while painting commissioned art and murals for local and international clients.

A modern day alchemist, Veronica has returned to the source of her inspiration and developed her own unique style she calls mezzofresco. With this technique she can explore and share her passion for the arts of antiquity. Her decorative art is sought after by developers, architects and interior designers.

Flight | 12 x 12
Two Crows I
Fleeting Glimpse | 12 x 12