Zann Hemphill


Why Dogs?

It’s about their contagious attitude.

We project the best of ourselves onto our pets, and they reflect back a version we’re happier living with. Not because we necessarily look any better; we still can’t fit into last years’ jeans or remember where we put our keys, but because when you think about those problems with a dog… it’s easier to laugh about it.

Dogs help us not take ourselves too seriously.

They show us that people care too much about silly things that are hard to get, and remind us that dog things are simple and good and refreshingly attainable. Around a dog, it’s ok if there’s nothing more important than dinner.

Dogs spark great conversations. They can say a lot without words. Good art does that. Maybe dogs are art already.

I want to put dogs on canvas because I like what a dog’s worldview does to mine, and even on the wall I think they have a lot to say,

Shaggy Dog
The Watchful Shepherd 16" x 20"
Ears to You 2 6" x 6"
French Bulldog 16" x 20"
Shaggy Dog 2
Tall Friends 2
Tall Blonde Friend

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